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DFNI Product Award to Bulgari pop-up at Helsinki Airport

Article published
22.1.2018 at 13:20
Bulgari pop-up in Helsinki Airport
Duty Free News International, in short DFNI, have awarded Bulgari pop-up at Helsinki Airport as the Best Jewellery & Watches Marketing Campaign in 2017.

As part of a collaborative ‘trinity’ partnership, the Finnish airport operator Finavia Corporation, Italian luxury brand Bulgari and global travel retailer Dufry worked together to develop the first Bulgari Pop-up store worldwide in an airport location specialized in jewelry, watches and accessories. The official opening ceremonies for the pop-up took place on 26 September, 2017.

“The result was simply stunning. Almost as if to reiterate its ephemeral and time-limited nature, elegant frames in metallic colors and lighting were used to suggest the walls of an elegant historic interior that simply were not there while bold mauve carpet gave a definite and plush sense of place”, DFNI tells and continues:

“A contrast of sun-drenched golden yellow used as a backdrop color provided the finishing touches to a masterful pop-up that almost seemed more Venetian than Roman. The signature Bulgari marble used in the display furniture with its welcoming bar-like set-up underscored the grandeur of the Italian house in a stage-like setting worthy of grand Italian opera. Profiling an offer focused on jewellery and a small collection of leather goods, it enthralled from the minute it popped up.”

DFNI, established nearly 30 years ago, has developed a strong reputation for breaking industry news and bringing together the key players of duty free retail industry.


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