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How to recognise a true aviation enthusiast: Do you fit these 15 characteristics?

25.4.2018 at 09:00
Aircraft spotting, theme trips, aviation trivia – these 15 characteristics are the hallmarks of an aviation enthusiast. Do you or your friends match the description?

Friends of aviation share a bunch of slightly unusual hobbies and interests. We compiled a list of characteristics that help in identifying a true aviation fanatic.

1. You are thrilled to bits to visit an airport

Whenever you visit an airport your heart flickers with joy, even if it’s part of your job to travel and even if it’s your fortieth time at the airport that year.

2. You are a member of aviation fan clubs and Facebook groups

You follow related blogs and Instagram accounts, debate and share memes with thousands of other aviation enthusiasts in Facebook groups devoted to the theme. You may even subscribe to an aviation magazine.

3. There is a photo of you posing with an airplane or part of one

On your time off you find your way to places where you can touch and feel aircrafts or their components.

4. In addition to Helsinki Airport, your favourite destinations in Finland include the Finnish Air Force Museum in Tikkakoski and the Finnish Aviation Museum in Vantaa

You know the Finnish Aviation Museum’s collections like the back of your hand. At the Finnish Air Force Museum, you’ve flown both the Messerschmitt and the Fouga Magister simulator.

5. You are an aircraft spotter

You’re familiar with the best places in Vantaa to spot planes that are landing or taking off. Weather permitting, you will enjoy a picnic by Malmi Airport in Helsinki.

6. At the airport, you hang out by the window, not at duty free

You would never miss a chance to enjoy a view overlooking the runway.

7. Your social media accounts are filled with photos of aircraft wings

At check-in you secure a window seat in order to get the best shots of the view throughout the flight.

8. You own a collection of model aircraft

You have put them together yourself or bought them ready-made. All the same, you have already had to acquire a new display case to fit all of them.

9. You travel abroad for aviation events

You showcase the models you’ve made at international competitions, go to air shows, scour the local aviation museums and network with other aficionados.

10. You have visited the cockpit

You’re either part of the generation that was still able to make an in-flight visit to the cockpit of an airplane, or you’ve stuck around in the cabin after landing to convince the co-pilot to show you around.

11. You know the pre-flight safety demonstration by heart

You’re also familiar with aviation jargon. If asked, you can spout all in-flight announcements from memory. Moreover, you know what it means when the cabin crew is asked to “arm doors and cross check.” 

12. Your choice of holiday destination, route and schedule are based on the type of aircraft at use

You know what your favourite plane type is, and on the other hand, your aim is to tick all possible aircraft types off your list. Your friends can neither tell the difference between a Boeing and an Airbus nor understand why the plane type would make a difference as long as you reach your destination safely.

13. Whenever you see a plane flying in the sky, you immediately recognise the carrier and the plane type

You can’t help but check where the plane is headed.

14. You have downloaded apps in your smart phone for monitoring the air space above your home

And you’ve memorised the schedules of regular flights.

15. You have at least considered getting a pilot’s licence

When your birthday or any other special day is drawing near, you’re filled with eager anticipation: will this be the year you unwrap a gift certificate to pilot school?

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