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Impact of the political protest on airports' operations, public transportation to and from airports and on airport services on 2 February

31.1.2018 at 09:27
Empty bus inside
Many Finnish trade unions have announced that their members will organise a work stoppage on Friday, 2 February. The work stoppage will affect public transportation to and from airports around Finland. On this page, we will post updates about other potential impacts on air passengers.

Impact on airports' operations

The political protest don't seem to have impact on airports' operations.

Impact on public transportation to and from airports

On Friday, 2 February, commuter trains will run normally but the political protest will affect public bus traffic and other public rail traffic in different parts of Finland.

For more information about airport parking, car rental and taxis, please visit the airport’s website.

We kindly request passengers to reserve enough time for the journey to the airport.

Impact on airport services

Cafés, restaurants, shops and other service points at airports will be open as usual. However, the political protest may affect the selection of food products available, for instance.

In addition, a work stoppage that will affect the services offered to passengers requiring assistance has also been announced for Helsinki Airport for Friday, 2 February.

Updated: 1.2.2018 at 17:20