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Parking your car at Helsinki Airport? Be prepared for changes in 2019

Article published
6.1.2019 at 09:00
Helsinki Airport parking
In January, the P1/P2 parking hall will be demolished as part of Helsinki Airport’s expansion project.

Parking halls P3 and P5, as well as the outdoor parking areas P4A and P4B, will continue to serve passengers as before.

We will do our best to ensure that parking is organised as smoothly as possible during the renovation.

P3 and P5 will be closest to the terminals

If you are going to Terminal 1, the nearest parking hall will be P3, which is located just outside the terminal.

If you are going to Terminal 2 from January onwards, the nearest parking halls will be P3 and P5. Both are located approximately 300 metres from the terminal.

Short-term parking at P3 entrance level

For passenger pick-ups and other short-term parking needs, there will be a new short-term parking area right at the entrance level of the P3 parking hall.

If you are dropping off passengers, you can still use the drop-off ramp in front of the T2 departures hall. However, please note that you may not park your car there as the ramp is only intended for dropping off passengers.

Premium parking at P3 street level

In January 2019, a new premium parking area will be opened at parking hall P3. The Premium area will have its own entrance and exit routes for smooth parking.

The distance to Terminal 2 is approximately 300 metres, and Terminal 1 is located right next to the parking hall.

Lowest parking fares at P4A and P4B parking lots

The outdoor parking areas are an affordable option, even during longer periods. There is a direct bus link between the parking areas and the terminals. Finavia AirPortBus provides transportation at roughly 15-minute intervals between 3:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. During the night between Saturday and Sunday, the bus runs 24/7.

Reserve parking in advance

It is always a good idea to reserve parking at the airport in advance. This way, you can ensure that you can park in your preferred parking area, and early birds can save money.

Disabled parking spaces at P3 and P5

From January 2019 onwards, the nearest disabled parking spaces to the terminals will be located in P3, which is connected to Terminal T1 by a tunnel, as well as P5.

Disabled parking permit holders can park short-term even in front of terminals when dropping off or picking up passengers.

How to act if my car is parked in P1/P2?

The demolition of parking hall P1/P2 starts 15 January 2019. If your car is still parked in P1/P2, please contact Finavia's parking services p. 020 708 3200 (24 h). Your car has been moved to another parking space.

More changes ahead in 2019: check Finavia website for latest info

The expansion of Terminal T2 will bring changes to walking and driving routes at the airport later in the spring 2019.

You will find all current information on our website.

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