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Short term parking relocates to a parking carage on 28 May 2018

24.5.2018 at 13:00
Short term parking in Helsinki Airport
The short term parking lot in front T2 terminal in Helsinki Airport will relocate to P2 parking carage on Monday 28 2018.

There will be changes to the traffic arrangements in front of Helsinki Airport’s terminal 2. At the same time the current short term parking lot will move. In the future, vehicles can be parked for short term in P2 parking carage.

The route to the short term parking takes place on Lentoasemantie as guidance shows (green arrow in the picture).

Short term parking in Helsinki Airport - a map

Pricing remains the same, 1€ / 10 minutes.

From Monday 28 May, only busses and taxis are allowed in front of the terminal on the arrivals level. These changes do not have an impact on departure level’s traffic arrangements.