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Untidy bathroom? Report it immediately to the airport’s cleaner using the latest technology

Article published
4.6.2018 at 10:00
An unprecedented real-time feedback system is being tested in Helsinki Airport’s bathrooms. The goals of the innovative solution include clean bathrooms and a better customer experience.

This year, customers have had a unique opportunity to affect the cleanliness of bathrooms at Helsinki Airport. A feedback system that issues an alarm about an untidy or messy bathroom has been tested in a total of 19 bathrooms.

The user of the bathroom may give the system either positive or negative feedback about the cleanliness of the premises. Negative feedback may be specified, for instance, by stating that the floor is dirty or that there is no toilet paper.

When the system receives several complaints within a short amount of time, it sends an automatic cleaning alert to the airport’s cleaner. This way, premises are again spick and span and any possible deficiencies are remedied as soon as possible.

“Finavia wants to be a pioneer in collecting customer feedback and using it in building a better customer experience. This type of a realtime customer feedback system is rare on a global scale,” says Finavia’s Development Manager Juhana Arkio who runs the pilot project.

Towards a better customer experience


The goal of the project is a digital and modern customer experience. Bathrooms were selected as a development target due to their challenging nature: according to customer satisfaction surveys, the cleanliness of Helsinki Airport’s terminals is at a good level, but challenges are brought on by surprising cleaning needs and reacting to them quickly.

Alongside the real-time feedback system, new technology counts the number of visitors to bathrooms. This way, Finavia obtains information about the usage rates of the premises and can define the cleaning routines in a more systematic manner.

New experimental culture

Even though the core of the bathroom pilot for Finavia’s service development has been increasing customer satisfaction and reacting to problems quickly, the pilot has also been a good challenge in creating a new type of an experimental culture.

“In the project, we have had to take into account several different processes and needs as well as cooperate with different actors. At the same time, we have constructed a culture where we together develop a better customer experience,” says Arkio.

Finavia’s project partners include Roidu, a company specialising in customer feedback systems, and Designer Sari Matikka.

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