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Cooper test on the runway – Finavia’s personnel took up the exercise challenge

Article published
23.8.2019 at 15:13
Cooper test runners starting their run.
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The runway 3, which is currently closed because of renovation, provided a unique environment for Finavia’s employees to test their own fitness in Cooper test on a Wednesday evening 18 August.

The runway 3 is over three kilometres long, so running track was for most more than sufficient, even in one direction as Cooper test’s 12 minutes passed. Over 50 runners from various Finavia’s units ran in a cheerful mood their own performance as part of the exercise challenge.

Juoksijat kiitotiella.

The idea for the event came from Finavia’s own recreation club when the news about the runway renovation spread out. Different units worked seamlessly together to create a memorable sport event.

“We want to encourage our staff in an active lifestyle. We work continuously for our personnel’s well-being in various ways”, says HR Director Kaarina Soikkanen.

Over fifty people running at runway during cooper test event.

Finavia is participating in The Finnish Olympic Committee's "Finland’s most active workplace" -project. Long-term cooperation with Olympic Committee helped to get Finnish athlete, skier Sami Jauhojärvi to run in the event as a "rabbit" for Finavia's staff.

“You can be proud of yourself for taking up this challenge. Exercise is the best insurance for retirement that one can take!” said Jauhojärvi to the other runners after the Cooper’s test.

Empty runway on 3PM sun.

The renovation work of runway 3 will last till 6 September. After that the runway is again in normal air traffic use.