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Need a short term parking slot in Helsinki Airport? Note the new location!

Article published
15.1.2019 at 14:35
Renovation on Helsinki Airport causes major changes in parking. Short term parking space in front of terminal 2 is no longer in available. From now on, short term parking is located in parking hall P3.

The new short term parking space is located in A-side on P3. Short term parking costs 1 € / 10 minutes and is not available for pre-reservation. If you're bringing passengers to the airport, you can stop briefly in front of the terminal to let them out of the car. Parking, however, is no longer allowed in front of the terminal.

Parking hall P3 is located in front of terminal 1. Route to terminal 2 is indoors through the corridor between the terminals. Walking to terminal 2 outdoors is no longer possible. The distance from P3 to terminal 2 is about 300 meters.



Parking hall P1/P2 was permanently closed 7 January 2019. As parking hall P1/P2 will be demolished, parking halls P3 and P5 as well as the parking space P4 will be serving customers. The changes are part of the expansion project of terminal 2, which aims to strengthen Helsinki Airport's place as the leading airport in Northern Europe.

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