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Responsibility is a focal point in the 2018 Annual Report

Article published
15.3.2019 at 09:59
Finavia has published its Annual Report, responsibility report and financial statements for 2018.

Every year, Finavia complies a description of the whole year into one package. Responsibility is an increasingly important theme, and it is emphasised throughout the Annual Report. We report the impacts of our activities on people, the environment and society in a separate and comprehensive Responsibility Report. We report our responsibility in compliance with the GRI Standards.

Our aim is to grow in a sustainable manner, which can only be achieved through competitive and well-managed business operations. The Annual Report provides a summary of how we succeeded in this last year. Detailed information of the development of business operations and the management of Finavia are available in the financial statements and in the governance report.

See Finavia’s Annual Report for 2018