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Valet parking service available at Helsinki Airport during winter holidays

Article published
14.2.2019 at 08:54
Car is driving in the parking hall
Finavia is preparing for the winter holiday peak by offering Valet parking in the last weeks of February.

Those arriving to Helsinki Airport by car will be offered a chance to leave their car to be parked by the staff on 18 February - 1 March. Valet parking reception is located in front of Terminal 1. The reception will be open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

When leaving the car, first fill in the contact form and the leave your car for parking. When you return, you get the keys to your car and a parking ticket at the Finavia's customer service desk, which is always open. Your car will be waiting in a sheltered space near the exit of Terminal 2, at the arrivals level.

For those who need short-term parking, Finavia offers one hour of free parking in the P3 parking garage's short-term parking in February.

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