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Finavia invests in paving of runway at Joensuu Airport in summer 2020

Press release
Article published
24.1.2020 at 09:36
Ilmakuva Joensuun lentoasemasta talvella
Paving work will be carried out at Joensuu Airport in the summer 2020. During the renovation, the runway and one of the two taxiways will be paved with new asphalt. The repaving extends the useful life of the runway and taxiways and ensures smooth operation also in the future.

The major phases of the runway paving work at the airport are scheduled for the summer, when there will be less air traffic than at other times. Due to the renovation, Joensuu Airport will be closed from 22 June to 9 July 2020. It is hoped the repairs will cause as little inconvenience as possible to passengers and operators during this less busy period.

The safety zones at the ends of the runways will be extended in connection with the paving work. The total cost of the renovation is approximately EUR 1.1 million.

There are regular scheduled flights from Joensuu Airport to Helsinki. In addition, charter flights are available, especially to and from European holiday destinations. In 2019, over 126,000 passengers travelled through Joensuu Airport, making it the 10th busiest Finavia airport in terms of passenger numbers.