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Finavia makes an additional investment in the development of Kittilä Airport

Press release
Article published
27.2.2020 at 15:47
Kittilä Airport's modern wooden seating area.
Finavia is investing more than EUR 5 million in the development of Kittilä Airport. The additional investment will increase baggage handling capacity with the aim of anticipating the needs arising from the growing passenger volumes in Lapland.

Finavia has spent a total of EUR 20 million on developing Kittilä Airport over the past few years. In 2018–2019, new taxiways were built at the airport along with more aircraft parking stands, and the terminal facilities for passengers were expanded by 2,000 square metres.

The additional investment will further increase the airport’s terminal capacity, with 750 square metres of new space to be built for baggage handling. The new premises and the new technology to be installed will speed up the processing of outbound baggage at the airport. The number of check-in desks will increase from eight to 14.

“While the expanded facilities will not be directly visible to passengers, the more efficient departure processes and improved baggage handling procedures will speed up the customer’s journey at the airport,” says Senior Vice President Joni Jolkkonen, Director of Airport Networks at Finavia.

“As the passenger volumes in Lapland grow, we want to increase our capacity and further enhance the convenience of travel at our airports. This additional investment will enable us to provide even better service to the airlines that operate flights to the airport and help promote tourism in Lapland.”

The terminal expansion work at Kittilä Airport will take place in summer 2020 and the new facilities are scheduled to be commissioned before the 2020–2021 winter season.

At the beginning of 2018, Finavia launched a EUR 55 million investment programme at Kittilä, Rovaniemi and Ivalo airports to prepare Lapland’s airports to serve two million passengers a year. The expanded passenger facilities at the airports were completed during 20182019. Finavia’s total investments in promoting tourism in Lapland in the previous few years amount to approximately EUR 100 million.