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Finavia presents Finnish alternatives to popular holiday destinations in a summer campaign

Article published
24.6.2020 at 12:07
Ilmakuva järvimaisemasta
There are countless places worth visiting in Finland that do not pale in comparison with the most popular travel destinations in the world. How would you like to visit the Finnish Grand Canyon or Riviera?

Whether you’re planning to travel by land, water or air this summer, Finavia has lined up some excellent Finnish destinations in its summer campaign (June 24−August 2, 2020). The campaign includes an open competition which officially starts on July 7 and ends by August 2, 2020.*

“Smooth, fast, international connections and easy access to the different parts of our country form the core of Finavia’s strategy and are particularly vital for business and tourism. Domestic tourism is in the limelight this exceptional summer, and we want to use our campaign to promote it,” says Katja Siberg, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Corporate Communication and
Customer Experience, Finavia.

The alternative destinations chosen for the campaign, create a picture of the variety of different types of places Finland has to offer. In Finland, it’s easy to spend your holiday in a town, a national park, the archipelago or the beach. Finnish nature, history and clean air offer numerous choices for everyone.

Create your own alternative destination and participate in the competition

In addition to the destinations selected for the campaign, anyone can suggest their personal favourite destination or municipality of residence to be included in the tongue-in-cheek campaign.

“By highlighting destinations that may be unfamiliar to the general public, we can inspire travelling parties to spend their summer in Finland and thereby promote tourism at the national level,” explains Siberg.

Finavia’s summer campaign is visible in urban streetscapes, social media and at (in Finnish).

Here’s how the competition works:

Follow @finaviaofficial on Instagram and get inspired by this summer’s most international holiday destinations! You can also take a closer look at the holiday destinations at

To which world famous destination would you compare your municipality of residence? What is the biggest tourist attraction in the area around your summer cottage? Take part in the campaign by sharing your favourite Finnish destination on Instagram, #kotimaankohde. Add a picture of your domestic destination and a comparison with its world famous global counterpart to your post. The participants will take part in a prize draw, with a chance of winning a money prize that we be used at Finavia’s airport (Helsinki, Oulu, Rovaniemi or Turku).

*Finavia’s employees may not take part in the campaign’s official competition but they are more than welcome to share Finavia’s campaign pictures on social media.

Pictures: Vastavalo/ Visit Finland & Hannu Huovila /