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Root celery and Artisan Pizza - Tips for vegan food at Helsinki Airport

Article published
8.2.2020 at 09:00
Helsinki Airport’s vegan food range has increased rapidly. Here are the best tips for vegan delicacies.

Vegan food is a growing trend. Many have switched to a vegetarian diet, and many omnivorous eaters are increasingly seeking vegetarian food, also when traveling.

At Helsinki Airport, the trend has been noticed and nowadays for example burgers, ramen soup and risotto are available without any animal-based ingredients.

Demand for vegan options on the rise

Jenni Pirhonen, general manager of HMS Host, which operates several restaurants at the airport, says that vegan supply was modest a decade ago, but has grown rapidly.

”In recent years, vegan food has become an important and visible product group in the cafés and restaurants of Helsinki Airport. We are diversifying our vegan selection all the time and during this year it will be even wider and more visible.”

Vegan options off the menu

Improving quality and supply will increase the marketability of vegetarian food in all target groups: as plant-based food becomes more prominent and more recipes are invested, it will also be of interest to wider audience.

Mari Korhonen, the coordinator of restaurant operator SSP Finland, has also observed a growing demand for vegan food.

“We strive to have at least one vegan portion on the list at all restaurants, and our restaurants will make one upon request, unless one is on the list. There is a lot of demand for vegan and vegetarian options and our customers are becoming more aware of them. We study good plant-based protein sources and try them in our portions.”

Jenni Pirhonen's and Mari Korhonen's tips on vegan meals at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport during the winter season 2019-2020:

Terminal 1:

Johan & Nyström

• Freshly baked bagel with hummus and avocado

• Chia bowl with raspberries and roasted coconut

• Apple-flavoured raw porridge with sea buckthorn and roasted almonds

Helsinki Market

• Tomato-avocado rye bread

• Vegan Burger from the kitchen by ordering

Terminal 2:

Bistrot – Arrivals hall A2

  • Artisan pizza with cold smoked tofu and pickled pumpkin

Freshly made

• Panini with avocado and sun-dried tomatoes

Pier zero

• Bagel with hummus and grilled vegetables

Cold smoked tofu, seasoned mushrooms, buckwheat and lip vinegar

Fly Inn

  • Vegan à la carte dishes by request

  • Vegan kebabs Poke Bowl are provided by Cafe Tori, Upper Crust, WHS Kiosks and Moomin Cafe.

  • Vegan wrap at Tapio Cafe and Cafe Tori.


  • Vegan falafel burger

Cesar's Little Italy

  • Salad table and alternate vegan dishes at the buffet

Ajisen Ramen

  • All rice portions available as vegan

Non-Schengen area (long-haul flights):

Two Tigers

• Ramen soup: tofu, shiitake mushrooms and dashi

• Tofu-avocado -poke bowl

Nordic kitchen

• Root celery prepared in four ways plus apple and pickled mustard seeds

• Mushroom-spelt risotto, available on request as vegan

• Bagel with seasonal grilled vegetables and hummus

Helsinki Smoothery

• Smoothies and juices directly to customers from fresh fruits and berries, with vegan proteins on offer.

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