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Finland reinstates border controls for Schengen countries: See how this affects air travel

Article published
28.12.2021 at 14:16
Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla lentokoneen kylki.
Update on January 13, 2022: The Finnish Government has decided to continue the border control at Finland’s internal borders until January 31, 2022. Internal border controls for the traffic between Finland and Schengen countries started on December 28, 2021.

Widescale COVID certificate checks will cause congestion especially at border crossings, reports the Finnish Border Guard on their press release.

Arriving passengers are advised to prepare for long waiting lines and times when arriving in the country and collecting baggage, since the congestion will in all likeliness reflect to the baggage claim.

Finavia estimates that the change will also affect departing passengers. Due to the restoration of the Schengen border controls, the routes at the airport have been changed, and moving between different gate areas is not as smooth as usual. Also, the availability of services may be limited.

Because of this we request the departing air transport passengers to arrive to the airport earlier than usual.

Senior Vice President of Finavia and Director of Helsinki Airport, Ulla Lettijeff, says that the airport has acquired designated, volunteer personnel to inform and guide travellers. The preparation for the situation includes close cooperation with the Finnish Border Guard and the companies operating at the airport.

We are sorry that the reinstatement of internal border controls will cause significant congestions and changes right in the middle of the busy travelling season. Patience will be required from everyone, says Lettijeff.

She reminds that wearing a mask at the airport at all times is extremely vital. One should also maintain safe distances whenever possible.

How will arriving to Finland from a Schengen country change as of 28 December?

In practice, the reinstate of internal border controls means that the travel documents and COVID certificates will be inspected from passengers arriving to Finland from Schengen countries.

Information and instructions for the changes coming into effect will be found on the Finnish Border Guard website.

You will find further information about

  • Border crossing, travel documents and necessary COVID certificates from the Finnish Border Guard.

  • Baggage transport and delivery from your airline.

The article was updated on January 13, 2022 after the Finnish Government decided to continue the border control between Finland and Schengen countries.