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New Finentry Web Service for travelers coming to Finland: get Covid-19 instructions and book a test

Article published
5.1.2021 at 16:07
Netin selailua Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman Schengen-alueella.
The Helsinki University Hospital HUS opens Finentry web service to the people planning to travel to Finland.

Finentry lets incoming travellers review travel instructions before or during their trip, book an appointment for a Covid-19 test in Finland, and receive instructions for arriving at their test as well as the test result by text message.

Finentry takes all types of travellers into account, including Finns returning to Finland from abroad and travellers entering Finland for the purpose of work, studies or other reasons. The service is currently available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Finentry is to be open on 7th January 2021 at The web service works free of charge with desktops and mobile phones.

For more information/Source: Press Release of HUS, 4th Jan 2021

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