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New parking hall opens at Helsinki Airport – solar power will be used to charge electric cars

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18.11.2021 at 10:55
Perhe Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman uudessa parkkihallissa.
Finavia will open a new parking hall at Helsinki Airport on 1 December, when Terminal 2's stunning new main entrance, arrivals hall and multimodal travel centre will be opened. The advance booking of P1 Premium and P2 will open on 19 November.

As part of the Helsinki Airport Development Programme, entirely new parking areas will be opened. The new parking hall at Helsinki Airport, which opens on 1 December, will have 1,800 new parking spaces for passengers in two separate areas: P1 Premium and P2.

“The new parking hall is located in the immediate vicinity of Terminal 2. Passengers can take a lift to the terminal from both parking areas without needing to go outside. Parking is getting even closer to the departure gate,” says Jukka Isomäki, airport company Finavia’s Director responsible for the development of ground traffic at the airport.

The new hall has taken drivers of electric cars into consideration, as an entire floor in the P2 area has been reserved for electric cars. There are also charging points for electric cars in the P1 area as well as in Finavia’s previously opened P3 Premium and P5 parking halls.

In the P1 and P2 areas, electric cars will be charged with electricity from the nearly 700 solar panels installed on the side of the parking hall. The first floor of the P1 Premium area is heated with heat recovered from the new Terminal 2 extension.

“The use of renewable energy is important to us, as we invest in sustainable development. The high-quality parking hall is built to meet all customers’ needs. We strive to make using the airport easy and smooth. A pleasant journey starts from the parking hall.”

The new parking hall is easy to navigate

“We will start using a ticketless parking system in the new parking hall. You will no longer need to reach out of your car’s window when driving in or out, as the gate will open automatically when the registration plate is recognised”, says Isomäki.

The new parking hall is easy to navigate. The floors are colour-coded and their signs feature Nordic woodland animals, which makes the floors easier to remember. The only exception is the floor reserved for electric cars, which has signs that feature a car. In the new parking halls, the parking spaces are larger than in other halls and passengers can find their car easily with the Find my car service.

Short-term parkingfor picking up passengers from the airport will be located in front of the new parking hall in front of Terminal 2. In addition, starting from the beginning of December, the passenger drop-off area will be located in front of Terminal 2’s new main entrance, making it easy to also drop off departing passengers there.

In the P1 Premium and P2 parking areas and new short-term parking, you can pay for parking with the Moovy mobile app. Payments can also be made when making an advance booking online or at a payment terminal in the hall. The boom gates will rise when they have recognised the number plate.

Parking in Helsinki Airport

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