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Trees causing an obstruction will be removed at Ivalo Airport in April–May

Article published
20.4.2021 at 09:46
Ilmakuva Ivalon lentoasemasta
At Ivalo Airport, Finavia will fell trees that have grown to a height at which they cause an obstruction. The measure will ensure the safe take-off and landing of large aircraft in accordance with the aviation authority’s regulations.

At Ivalo Airport, trees will be removed from a 30-hectare area of land owned by Finavia. The work is scheduled for April and May 2021.

In total, Finavia owns more than 2,500 hectares of forest land around its 21 airports. Managing trees that cause an obstruction is an important part of Finavia's land ownership, and the work is always carried out in accordance with Finavia's forestry plan. Some of the felled trees will go to the sawmill industry and some will be utilised in the paper industry.

Aviation safety regulations define the permissible height of trees

Felling trees on the airport’s obstacle limitation surfaces is a normal operation. It is done whenever trees reach the height limit set out in the regulations. The operation is regulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) and Traficom, which acts as a national authority in Finland. They require that the airport area and the surrounding land are unobstructed by growing trees, among other things.

The legislation and regulations concerning aviation are available on Traficom's website.