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Car wash opened at Helsinki Airport—get your car washed during your trip

Article published
14.11.2022 at 09:10
Finavia has opened a new car wash service in the parking area of Helsinki Airport. Cars are washed by the Finnish service provider Korrek Pro Center.

“The new car wash service is an excellent addition to our parking services. It is easy to book a car wash when reserving parking in advance,” says Finavia’s Jukka Isomäki, Head of Parking and Landside Traffic at Helsinki Airport.

The car wash is located in the P1 Premium area, but you can park your car anywhere in the Helsinki Airport parking hall. Information about your vehicle and where it is parked will be submitted to the car wash.

“Passengers can leave their car to be washed during their trip with peace of mind. Vehicles are washed in the wash area and then returned to their original parking space."

Car wash can also be easily accessed on the ground floor of the terminal in the P1 Premium parking area.

The car wash service offers a wide range of hand wash options, interior cleaning, coating, polishing and even tyre storage. The car wash uses Finnish car wash soaps and coatings.

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KORREK Pro Center at Helsinki Airport