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People of Finavia: From Business Flight Coordinator to Business Controller

Article published
27.6.2022 at 14:23
Nisse Nurmi potretti
People & Aviation
Business Controller Nisse Nurmi began his career at Finavia as a business flight coordinator. The practical tasks aroused in him a great interest in the background of the work. After finishing his studies in accounting, a dream career opportunity opened up in the financial administration of the same employer.

“I have spent my entire career at the airport. At the age of 13, I came to Helsinki Airport for practical professional orientation. I have now worked for Finavia for 12 years.

Before my current role, I worked for more than ten years as a business flight coordinator at Helsinki Airport's apron services. My work consisted of practical shift work with customers, i.e. air passengers and air crews. In my work, I was responsible for coordinating services for private and business aircraft at Helsinki Airport's business terminal.

Gradually I became interested in the background of my work: what things influence the decisions that affect my work, who our most important customers are and what we should invest more in as a company. Alongside my work, I started filling in for financial management tasks, such as billing. I was interested in the figures, business development and the principles of decision-making, which is why I wanted to get an education and advance in my career.

First, I studied for a BBA degree at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. At the beginning of my studies, I set a three-year goal to study at LUT University and a five-year goal to work as a Business Controller. After graduating with a BBA, I achieved my first goal and continued my studies on study leave in the Master's programme in Accounting at LUT University.

In the first summer, I got a traineeship in Finavia's economic unit, and I started working as a controller even before I graduated with a Master's degree in economics. Shortly thereafter, I was given the opportunity to work as a Business Controller at Helsinki Airport, which was exactly what I was aiming for. Our unit develops the commercial services and premises of Helsinki Airport and is responsible for the parking business, among other things.

As a Business Controller, I am responsible for the unit's financial affairs and produce information to support decision-making. My analyses highlight aspects other than costs. Thanks to my previous work, I have a broad understanding of how the airport works and can assess the overall impact of commercial ideas.

My work days are lively and varied. One day I may compile a performance report for the previous month and the other a forecast for the coming months or even a decade. On the third day, I present passenger forecasts to commercial partners, and on the fourth day, I contribute to the development of the airport's commercial story. Having a developing approach to my work gives me the opportunity to leave my own handprint at the airport of the future, which makes my work inspiring and meaningful.

The fact that people appreciate my expertise adds to my feeling of relevance. My work is responsible and challenging, which is particularly pronounced when the aviation sector faces a crisis. The more uncertain the global situation is, the more important the information I produce to support decision-making. This also shows the employer's confidence in me. I am a living example of how Finavia can develop its workers, itself, and pursue its dreams.”