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People of Finavia: From maintenance worker to Airport Manager

Article published
7.11.2022 at 10:04
Heikki Tanninen
People & Aviation
Heikki Tanninen, Airport Manager at Joensuu Airport, is responsible for ensuring that the airport is operational every day, throughout the year. At a small airport, every employee has a broad job description, which keeps their work interesting from one year to the next.

“I’ve been the Airport Manager at Joensuu Airport since spring 2021. I’ve spent my entire career with Finavia here in Joensuu. I joined the company in 2009 as a maintenance professional. I was subsequently promoted to shift supervisor and later to maintenance manager. Now, I’m in charge of the airport.

I’m an electronics and ICT technician by training. During my career, I have also completed Finavia’s supervisor training and a special vocational qualification in technology with a focus on managerial work.

As the Airport Manager, I’m responsible for ensuring that the airport is operational. This means that the airport has the right conditions for the safe arrival and departure of aircraft, and everything functions smoothly.

Our team here is quite small. During the winter, there are only three of us on each shift. Everyone has a diverse job description that changes with the seasons. We have a lot of influence over our working environment. It’s a rewarding feeling to see that people enjoy working here and we succeed together.

Office work takes up most of my time, and much of it involves looking forward. I do a lot of planning with regard to construction projects, investments and future budgets. I also work on the scheduling of maintenance operations together with the maintenance supervisor. My work also includes diverse cooperation with various stakeholders.

Joensuu Airport is part of an area consisting of seven airports. The airports in Central and Eastern Finland support one another and help each other as necessary. With the nearest airports, we can cover shifts for each other, for example. Over the years, we have grown familiar with the personnel of the other airports in the area.

The varied nature of our work keeps things interesting. I’ve been involved in a wide range of duties during my time at Joensuu Airport. One good example is fire and rescue work, which has been part of my job description. As a former contract firefighter, it was one of the things that interested me when I applied for a job at Finavia.

I’ve never been left to my own devices at work. The supervisors and managers have supported me whenever I have moved to a new position. I’ve accumulated diverse work and training experience during my time at Finavia. I have noticed that, in addition to supervisory skills, my project management skills have improved and I have developed a more planned and systematic approach to my work.”