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Pick up passengers easily at Helsinki Airport – Finavia expands short-term parking area

Article published
2.12.2022 at 09:00
Finavia is expanding the short-term parking space at Helsinki Airport. The short-term parking is located in front of the arrivals hall entrance doors.

"Escorting and picking up passengers is easy at Helsinki Airport. The airport short-term parking area is located just outside the arrivals hall," says Jukka Isomäki, Head of Parking, Helsinki Airport, at Finavia.

Finavia is expanding the popular short-term parking area in front of the terminal. In the future, short-term parking will be divided into two areas: A and B. There will be almost 50 new parking spaces.

"We are happy to see that passengers and airport visitors have found the short-term parking area. In order to meet the growing demand, we have expanded the area further."

pikaparkin kartta

Short-term parking infront of the terminal is divided into two areas: A and B Short-Term Parking.

You can pay for short-term parking with Moovy

You can pay for the short-term parking with the Moovy mobile app or the pay stations in the terminal. You must enter your car’s registration number in the pay station.

When you have paid for the parking on Moovy or the pay station, the boom gate opens when you drive out.

"The location of the short-term parking area in front of the arrivals hall is excellent. You can park your car in the short-term parking and pop into the arrivals hall, for example, to enjoy some shopping," Isomäki says.

If the short-term parking becomes congested, passengers can also be picked up at the P2 parking house for the same price.

Parking at Helsinki Airport - closest to the terminal