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Book your parking and car wash at Helsinki Airport

Article published
6.9.2023 at 08:07
Mies ja auto pysäköintihallissa
Did you know that you can have your car washed or your tyres changed at Helsinki Airport?

Finavia's parking services at Helsinki Airport are extensive: you can have your car washed during your trip, and your tyres changed and stored at the airport.

The Finnish Korrek Pro Center offers drivers a wide range of services in the P1 Premium parking hall at Helsinki Airport.

Your car will be washed during your trip

You can park your car in any parking hall when you travel from Helsinki Airport. You can easily book a car wash when pre-booking your parking with Finavia. Choose what kind of wash you want when making your booking.

You can also drive directly into the P1 Premium parking hall for the car wash and tyre change without parking at the airport.

The wide range of services includes various hand wash options, interior cleaning, coating, polishing, as well as tyre change and storage. The car wash uses Finnish car wash soaps and coatings.

Easy parking closest to the terminal

It’s easy to get to Helsinki Airport by car. There are four parking halls at Helsinki Airport: P1 Premium, P2, P3 and P5. In addition, the outdoor area P4 is located approximately 500 metres from the terminal. Parking can be pre-booked for all areas, giving you the best price.

Halls P1 Premium and P2 have direct elevator access to the terminal and are a short walk from security control.

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