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Finavia employees: in the legal unit, learning new things never stops

Article published
11.9.2023 at 08:07
Jonna Genberg
People & Aviation
Legal Counsel Jonna Genberg is proud to be involved in supporting Finavia’s business. She finds it rewarding to be able to negotiate different types of agreements and provide assistance with a wide range of legal issues.

“I started working at Finavia in September 2020. I came here directly from a law firm, where I worked as a lawyer on assignments related to, for example, dispute resolution.

For a long time, I had dreamt of being able to think about the interests of an individual organisation and focus more on IT and data protection issues. This is why I immediately took action when I spotted an ad that was looking for a lawyer interested in IT law for Finavia.

In Finavia’s legal unit, we are responsible for the legal affairs of the entire Group. This means, for example, assisting in agreement matters and procurements.

Our unit consists of three lawyers and a legal assistant. Each of us has a background in slightly different types of work and areas of expertise. This is useful in an organisation such as Finavia, where the field of activity is constantly changing. Our fantastic team is one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy my work so much.

We divide our tasks largely according to the agreed areas of responsibility and the work situation. We help everyone at a low threshold with all legal questions that arise at Finavia.

Due to the international nature and regulation of the aviation industry, our work allows us to explore a new legal issue almost every week. Even though this can be challenging at times, it is still immensely exciting to continuously learn new things.

I like the fact that, as the legal unit, we can be involved in a variety of ways in supporting Finavia’s business through, for example, procurement preparation and agreement negotiations. As I walk through the new terminal at Helsinki Airport, I feel proud to know that we were also involved in making it possible to build and start using it.

As the mother of a young child, I have been pleased with how well I have been able to balance work and free time at Finavia. Finding time for the everyday errands of a family with a young child has never been an issue. Here, we also proactively make sure that no one, for example, quietly takes on too much work.

I understand very well why many people end up working at Finavia for a long time. At Finavia, you can do meaningful work with a good group of people and in a special industry. It’s no wonder that we have a large number of colleagues who have worked at Finavia for more than 20 years.”

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