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A new Toastery cafe and bar opened at Helsinki Airport: “We want to offer passengers experiences and encounters”

Article published
5.9.2023 at 08:01
Kuvassa Toasteryn ravintolapäällikkö Jan Lindgren sekä yrittäjä Sandro Riccio.
Restaurant Manager Jan Lindgren and entrepreneur Sandro Riccio wanted to create a cafe bar at Helsinki Airport that works as a meeting place, where you can positively surprise the customer again and again. This is how the idea of the airport cafe and bar Toastery was born.

Toastery Cafe & Bar is a combination of a cafe and a high-quality cocktail bar, where you can easily grab a delicious hot toasted sandwich to go or sit back and enjoy a world-class Espresso Martini before your flight.

“In addition to world-class cocktails, great toasted sandwiches and salads, we want to offer passengers experiences and encounters. Our starting point is being able to surprise, time and time again, even those passengers who use Helsinki Airport’s services on a weekly basis,” Lindgren and Riccio say.

Lindgren and Riccio saw special potential in takeaway products. The cafe bar’s menu aims to make it easy to take the products with you on, for example, your flight.

“We have both travelled a fair amount and have spent a lot of time at airports. We wanted to create a concept that would serve passengers as well as possible. In order to do this, we had to think about things such as speed, as some passengers are in a hurry, so they must be able to get their food and drink quickly.”

Delicious toasted sandwiches, refreshing salads and world-class cocktails

Hot toasted sandwiches plays a big role in Toastery’s delicious menu. In addition to traditional toasted sandwiches, the menu also has hot scrocchiarella sandwiches and, for example, rye bread sandwiches. The menu also includes refreshing salads that are an especially good option for lunch. The salads are available either ready-made or with toppings selected by the customer.

Toastery is also an authentic cocktail bar, which, in addition to delicious toasted sandwiches, offers world-class cocktails made by some of the best bartenders in Finland. Successful in international cocktail competitions, Lindgren conjures up great cocktails for passengers together with his employees.

“We have invested in our bar and want to develop it into the best cocktail bar located in the gate area of an airport anywhere in the world. Toastery is a great place to start a holiday or a business trip, alone or with a group of friends,” Lindgren and Riccio say.

Toastery Cafe & Bar is located at gate 21 and is open around the clock.

Toastery Cafe & Bar opening hours