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Parking is easy at Helsinki Airport – see all parking areas

Article published
10.1.2024 at 12:44
Pariskunta auton vieressä parkkihallin katolla
There are four spacious parking halls and one outdoor parking area at the airport.

Park your car easily and smoothly at Helsinki Airport by booking your space in advance. Learn more about parking at Helsinki Airport.

  1. P1 Premium

P1 Premium is suitable for people who appreciate a top-quality travel experience and convenient parking. You can park your car in a heated parking hall, which has its own lift connection to the arrivals and departures halls. In the Premium area, you will find additional services such as charging points for electric cars and a car wash, where your car can be washed during your trip. We recommend the Premium area especially for business travellers and shorter-term parking.

  1. P2 Business

The P2 parking area is suitable for people who appreciate high-quality, smooth parking. The P2 building is just a few steps away from the arrivals hall, to which there is a lift connection. The spacious parking hall has wider parking spaces and a floor dedicated to electric cars. Different colours and animal characters for each floor will help you to find your car when you return from your trip! We recommend the P2 parking hall for both short- and long-term parking, and for those travelling with special baggage items, as the building has higher ceilings.

Mies ja auto pysäköintihallissa
  1. P3 Economy

The P3 parking area is suitable for people who appreciate easy parking and want to park their car quickly after arriving at the airport. The P3 building is located about 300 metres from the terminal, and access to the terminal is via a partly covered walkway. The spacious parking hall offers plenty of parking spaces in two different sections of the hall. P3 is the most affordable of our parking halls and is an excellent choice for families and long-term parking.

  1. P4 Budget

The P4 outdoor parking area is suitable for people who want to park easily and at the lowest possible price. By choosing our outdoor parking area, you can park at a walking distance of about 400 metres from the terminal. We recommend the P4 outdoor parking area for passengers who arrive at the airport in a camper van or want the cheapest parking for a long period of time.

Pariskunta auton vieressä parkkihallin katolla
  1. P5 Standard

The P5 parking area is suitable for people who appreciate easy and fast access to the terminal. The parking hall is located right in front of the terminal, and there is a short, covered walkway from the parking hall to the arrivals hall. Thanks to its excellent location and reasonable prices, P5 is suitable for both short- and long-term parking.

Did you know?

Our staff is at your service 24 hours a day. If you are unable to travel, you can cancel the parking free of charge up to two hours before the start of the booking.

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