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Rail strike may affect Helsinki Airport's train schedules March 20-25

Article published
28.2.2023 at 09:19
Juna saapuu asemalaiturille, joka on koristeltu isolla taideteoksella
The Finnish Railway Union (RAU) has announced that it will begin a five-day rail strike on 20 March.

According to current information, the railway strike will begin on March 20th. The strike may affect Helsinki Airport's train schedules.

We ask passengers to be prepared for the fact that train connections may be cut off at least in part during the strikes. More information on the impact of the rail strikes on timetables is available on the websites of each operator.

During the strike, we recommend using your own car, a rental car or a taxi to get to and from the airport. Information on different transport options can be found on the airport-specific page of Finavia's website.

We will update this release if there are any changes.

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Updated on March 6, 10:00am: headline and content related to the railway strikes and timetable of strikes.

Updated on March 3, 8.45 am: headline and content related to the time of the strikes and the impact of the strikes.