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Rovaniemi celebrates a record-breaking Lapland season with four new route openings

Article published
4.12.2023 at 10:00
Kooste Rovaniemen 2. joulukuuta reittiavajaisista. Nauhanleikkuuta ja kylttejä.
Four new international routes were opened at Finavia's Rovaniemi Airport on Saturday, 2 December. The new routes from Finnair, Iberia, Vueling and Austrian make up a third of Rovaniemi’s new winter routes and are part of Lapland’s record-breaking travel season.

On Saturday, 2 December, Rovaniemi Airport celebrated its new route openings in a Christmas atmosphere. Finnair opened a route to Tromsø in Northern Norway, Austrian Airlines to Vienna, the capital of Austria, Vueling to Barcelona and Iberia to Madrid.

Joulupukki ja tontut poseeraamassa

Photo: Santa Claus and elves brought a festive atmosphere to the airport.

“The new route openings are proof of the attractiveness of Lapland and the work we are doing with our partners to make Finland more accessible. This winter, Rovaniemi Airport will open 13 completely new routes to destinations around Europe. There will be as many as 24 direct international routes and, according to current information, airlines will offer more than 700,000 round-trip seats for Rovaniemi flights,” says Petri Vuori, Finavia’s Senior Vice President responsible for route development.

Reittiavajaistunnelmia Rovaniemellä. Kuvassa joulupukki ja Vuelingin edustajia.

Photo: the crew of Vueling's inaugural flight after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Reittiavajaistunnelmia Rovaniemellä. Kuvassa joulupukki ja Austrianin miehistöä.

Photo: the crew of Austrian's inaugural flight and Visit Rovaniemi CEO Sanna Kärkkäinen (second from left).

Routes opened on Saturday, 2 December:



Weekly flights

Operating time



Thursday and Saturday

2 December 2023–30 March 2024



Wednesday and Saturday

2 December 2023–10 February 2024



Wednesday and Saturday

2 December 2023–13 January 2024

Austrian Airlines



2 December 2023–16 March 2024

“Rovaniemi is preparing for the biggest winter tourism season in its history, predicting an increase of more than 10% in accommodation days compared to the previous year. This growth is the result of extensive route development work, for which the region’s attractive and high-quality tourism offer provides an excellent foundation. The record-breaking route coverage makes it possible to add nearly 75,000 tourists to the Rovaniemi winter. A third of the new routes were opened on Saturday 2 December, the super day of Rovaniemi route openings, and that now moves us to the busiest season, with several dozen flights arriving daily,” says Sanna Kärkkäinen, the Managing Director of Visit Rovaniemi.

Reittiavajaistunnelmia Rovaniemellä. Kuvassa Iberian, Visit Rovaniemen sekä Finavian edustajia

Photo: Visit Rovaniemi's Sanna Kärkkäinen (left), Iberia's Antonio Linares, Finavia's Johan Juujärvi and Petri Vuori.

Finnairin ensilento Tromssasta saapuu Rovaniemen lentoasemalle. Kuvassa ATR-lentokone ja Finavian henkilöstöä.

Photo: Finnair's first flight from Tromsø arrives in Rovaniemi.

Lapland is now more accessible than ever

All Finavia Lapland airports, which include Rovaniemi as well as Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo, will open 20 new routes from Europe this winter. There will be a total of 37 direct international routes.

“This winter, our airports will make Lapland more accessible than ever. According to current information, airlines will offer approximately 1.6 million passenger seats to Lapland, which is an increase of about 15% compared to the previous winter,” says Jonna Pietilä , Finavia’s Vice President, Lapland airports.

Reittiavajaistunnelmia Rovaniemellä. Kuvassa joulupukki ja Austrianin miehistöä.

Photo: Santa Claus delighted both passengers and flight crew.

Reittiavajaistunnelmia Rovaniemellä. Kuvassa Austrianin, Visit Rovaniemen ja Finavian edustajia

Photo: Visit Rovaniemi's Sanna Kärkkäinen (left), Lufthansa Group's Patrick Borg Hedley and Finavia's Petri Vuori.

Photos: Jaakko Posti ja Simo Vilhunen.

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