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June is busy at Helsinki Airport – read our travel tips

Article published
29.5.2024 at 09:00
Matkustajat lähtöaulassa
June is a busy time at Helsinki Airport, as the summer holiday season starts in Finland. The number of departing passengers will be the highest on 2–3 June and 9–10 June (Sun–Mon). Finavia expects these days to be the busiest days of the year so far.

"We are looking forward to a busy start to the summer holiday season at Helsinki Airport. From the beginning of June, more than 40,000 passengers will depart from the airport every day. The airport will be busiest in the morning between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. and in the afternoon between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. We recommend that you leave enough time for things such as parking, check-in and security control at the airport," says Hanna Hämäläinen, Finavia's Head of Passenger Services and Development for Helsinki Airport.

The busiest days in terms of arrivals will be 9–10 June and 16–17 June (Sun–Mon).

During the summer months, there are direct flights from Helsinki Airport to about 130 destinations.

Keep in mind the new liquid limits for security control

"We upgraded the security control technology at Helsinki Airport about a year ago. Two litres of liquids per passenger can now be taken through security control, and liquids do not have to be taken out of the bag for the X-ray screening," Hämäläinen says.

“At Helsinki Airport, electronic devices may also be left in the bag during security control,” she says.

When travelling from other Finavia airports, the liquid limit is one litre packed in a resealable and transparent plastic bag. Liquids must be packed in 100 ml containers.

Pack your bags correctly at home

Before coming to the airport, please make sure that your bags are packed properly. You can use Finavia’s search engine to find packing instructions for checked and hand baggage.

Please keep in mind that items such as gas containers for camping stoves and lighter fluids are prohibited on board.

"One piece of fire-making equipment per passenger can be packed in hand baggage or carried in the clothing worn by the passenger. In addition, products such as power banks and spare batteries must be carried in hand baggage," Hämäläinen says.

Leave enough time for passing through the airport

We recommend arriving at Helsinki Airport well before your flight. You should leave enough time for parking, check-in and security control. Due to the increased number of passengers during the summer holiday season, queues can form at various service points.

"A wide variety of shops, restaurants and services await holidaymakers at the revamped Helsinki Airport. Helsinki Airport has also been recognised as the best airport in Europe in its size category. Now there are even more good reasons to arrive at the airport well in advance and enjoy the atmosphere of the airport," Hämäläinen says.

Make your journey smoother by pre-booking parking in front of the terminal and subscribing to the free MyFlight service, which provides you with information about the airport, the departure gate and the dining and shopping options.

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