Automated Border Control

Helsinki Airport has dozens of automated passport machines, using which you do not need to wait in lines and can quickly pass through the border. The immigration process takes less than a minute.

You can use the machines if you have an e-passport (biometric passport). Registration in advance is not needed.

  • Citizens of EU, EEA, Switzerland and Japan can use the passport machines at arrival and departure.
  • Citizens of Korea, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can use the passport machines whenever they are departing.

How to use passport machines

  • Take out your passport and remove its possible covers. Remove any eyeglasses and headwear.
  • Walk to the end of an available passport machine and place your passport to the reader. Do not remove the passport from the reader. 
  • Look at the screen.The machine compares your face to your passport.
  • Finally take out your passport from the reader. When the gate is open, you can continue your journey.

The video shows how the passport machines work.

Thumbnail from the video with title Automated Border Control at Helsinki Airport

The minimum height for using the automated passport control machines is 130 cm. Moreover, if you are travelling with a baby or in a wheelchair, go to regular passport control.

In addition to passport machines, you can cross the border using the Finnish Border Guard's service desk.

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