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MyFlight makes travelling smoother at Helsinki Airport

Article published
22.4.2024 at 12:51
Matkustaja katsoo MyFlight -palvelua kännykästään.
The free MyFlight service, developed by Finavia, provides passengers with personalised information about their upcoming flight at Helsinki Airport.

“Helsinki Airport has a lot of new services, shops and restaurants for different wishes and needs. The service provides personalised tips for enjoying your visit to the airport and ensures that your journey will be smooth and hassle-free,” says Anna Tuomi, Finavia’s Head of Marketing.

The service provides passengers with a wide range of information about departure and airport services at different stages of their journey.

To support its users’ journey planning, the service sends them an email containing, for example, a checklist for air passengers, an airport map and the latest information about the airport’s services along the way to the departure gate. Before the flight departs, the service will remind you of the start of boarding and any changes in the departure time or gate information.

“We want to offer passengers an unhurried experience at our airport. The MyFlight service makes it easier to plan your journey even before you arrive at the airport, and provides you with up-to-date information about your flight’s departure. This allows passengers to spend their time before arriving at the gate in the way they prefer.“

The MyFlight service is being further developed at Finavia.

“We see MyFlight as an interesting additional service for passengers at our airport. Our goal is to further develop the service on the basis of passengers’ needs.“

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See how MyFlight works

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The article was first published in January 2023.