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Unique Northern Lapland is attractive in every season – learn more about Ivalo Airport

Article published
16.2.2024 at 08:56
Lapland Northern Lights Lappi Revontulet
Ivalo is the northernmost airport in Finland. The airport provides passengers with smooth connections to the ruggedly beautiful Lapland.

Ivalo Airport in Northern Lapland has been serving passengers for more than 80 years. The beautiful rugged scenery of Northern Lapland attracts tourists both from Finland and abroad.

In 2023, a total of 220,000 passengers travelled via Ivalo Airport. The airport is the busiest in winter, and in December there are about seven scheduled and chartered flights a day.

The airport’s terminal offers a unique experience for tourists. Reindeer can also often be spotted in the vicinity of the airport!

Currently, there are direct flights to Ivalo from four European destinations: Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Paris and Zürich. There are also domestic flights to Ivalo from Helsinki.

The Airport Manager’s tips for Ivalo

From Ivalo, you can travel smoothly to Northern Lapland’s unique attractions all year round. Ivalo Airport Manager Jarmo Pyhäjärvi shares his travel tips for the Ivalo area.

Popular tourist destinations, such as Lake Inari and Saariselkä, are within easy reach of Ivalo Airport. There are also many other great destinations and holiday villages in Northern Lapland – for example, igloo hotels are popular among tourists.

The fells and the atmospheric polar night of Northern Lapland delight tourists during the winter season. In the summertime, you can experience the magic of a nightless night in Ivalo, and in the autumn you can enjoy the colourful autumn foliage.

Learn more about Ivalo Airport

  • Year of establishment: Ivalo Airport was established in 1943.
  • Employees: The airport employs a total of 12 people, and that figure goes up to almost 50 during the high season.
  • Number of passengers: In 2023, there were 220,000 air passengers.
  • Flight connections: Ivalo is served by direct flights from four different destinations in Europe. Air traffic is at its busiest during the winter season..

Learn more about Ivalo Airport and its departures and arrivals.

See the services of Ivalo Airport

Find out how Ivalo Airport’s security control works.

Main photo of the article: Miikka Niemi / Visit Finland