Parking, buses and taxis at Rovaniemi Airport

Rovaniemi Airport is located about 10 kilometres from Rovaniemi city centre.

Driving instructions and contact details

Buses and taxis

There are good bus connections between the airport and Rovaniemi city centre, hotels, Santa Park and holiday & ski resorts.

  • Airport bus operates to and from the Rovaniemi bus station, hotels and home addresses.
  • Pikakuljetus Rovaniemi Oy operates to and from Rovaniemi railway station, Santapark and Santa Claus Village.
  • Skibus operates between the airport and ski resort Pyhä-Luosto.
  • Airport bus between the Rovaniemi Airport and the holiday & ski resorts Kuusamo, Ruka and Suomu serves Norwegian and Germanian’s flights to and from London, Zürich, and Berlin. More info here.
  • Some of the resorts in the region organise transportation to and from the airport for their clients.
  • Public transport to and from Rovaniemi bus station and railway station are available on VR (trains) and Matkahuolto (buses) homepages.

Taxis are on call at the taxi stand in front of the airport during the scheduled arrival times. If you wish to confirm a ride or you have special requests, you can book a taxi before arriving at the airport.

Car Rentals


If you arrive at Rovaniemi Airport by car, you can leave your vehicle at the car park in front of the terminal. There are also heated parking spaces at the airport.

Parking that lasts under 20 minutes is free of charge.

Parking for the disabled is located in front of the terminal at marked spaces. Place your disabled parking permit on the windscreen inside the car.

Parking fees

P1 and P2

Prices per hour
1 h2 €
2 h4 €
3 h6 €
4 h8 €
5 h10 €
6-24 h12 €
Prices per day
1 d12 €
2 d24 €
3 d36 €
4 d39 €
5 d42 €
6 d45 €
7 d48 €
Additional days+ 3€/d
15 d72 €
Additional days+ 3€/d

P3 (heated parking spaces)

Parking area P3
Prices per hour
1 h4 €
2 h6 €
3 h8 €
4 h10 €
5 h12 €
6-24 h14 €
Parking area P3
Prices per day
1 d14 €
2 d28 €
3 d42 €
4 d47 €
5 d52 €
6 d57 €
7 d62 €
Additional days+ 5€/d
15 d102 €
Additional days+ 5€/d

Parking prices are valid from July 1, 2014 until further notice.

Payment methods

The car park has a barrier gate system. You will get a parking receipt by pushing the button at the gate when you arrive at the car park. Remember to take the receipt with you when you leave your car.

Parking is paid upon exit at the ticket machines located inside the terminal or at the information desk. The payment can be made by cash or by credit and debit cards.

You'll have 30 minutes to exit the car park after the payment.

You can drive through the parking area without charge if you exit within 20 minutes and your parking coupon has not been stamped in a payment machine.

Prices and conditions for annual parking contracts are available at the Finavia information desk.

Please do not allow your mobile phone to come into contact with your parking ticket, since it may damage the magnetic strip on the ticket.

Parking at the airport is always at your own risk.


If you have any questions regarding parking at Rovaniemi airport, contact Finavia's information desk.