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Lapland attracts tourists from all over the world – learn more about Rovaniemi Airport

Article published
12.12.2023 at 14:44
Tykkylumen peittämät puut Lapin metsässä.
Rovaniemi Airport is one of the largest airports in Finland in terms of passenger numbers. Air traffic at the airport is particularly busy in winter, when tourists arrive in Rovaniemi to enjoy the snowy scenery, northern lights and the magic of Christmas in Lapland.

Lapland’s nature and exoticism attract tourists worldwide. People from all over the world travel to Rovaniemi to admire the snowy scenery, spot the northern lights and meet Santa Claus.

Rovaniemi Airport is known as Santa Claus’s official airport, and December has been the busiest time at the airport for more than 20 years.

This winter, 13 new routes to destinations around Europe will open at Rovaniemi Airport. In total, the airport offers international routes to up to 24 destinations. In 2023, the annual number of passengers is expected to be record-breaking.

Rovaniemi Airport

Image: The apron of Rovaniemi Airport in winter.

The Airport Manager’s tips for Rovaniemi

Johan Juujärvi, the Airport Manager of Rovaniemi Airport, shares his travel tips for Rovaniemi.

“Rovaniemi is an attractive destination for tourists, especially in winter, but there are things to do in the city all year round.

“Santa Claus Village is located just three kilometres from the airport. Near the city centre, Korundi House of Culture and Arktikum offer interesting things to see and experience. The Ounasvaara area with its ski resort is a great place to enjoy nature and activities in both winter and summer.

“From Rovaniemi, you can also travel smoothly to the fells, ski resorts and national parks of Lapland.

Learn more about the airport

  • Year of establishment: Rovaniemi Airport was established in 1940. Rovaniemi Airport has been serving passengers for more than 80 years.
  • Area: The entire area of the airport is approximately 624 hectares.
  • Employees: Rovaniemi Airport employs a total of about 30 people, and about 50 people during the peak season.
  • Passenger numbers: Over the years, Rovaniemi Airport has grown into one of the largest airports in Finland in terms of passenger numbers. In 2022, more than 560,000 air passengers travelled via the airport, and the number is growing.
  • Routes: Rovaniemi Airport has direct flights to more than 20 destinations around Europe. In winter, the number of scheduled flights increases dramatically, and in December, there can be up to 40 flights per day.

Rovaniemi Airport

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