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Architects Mikko Heikkinen and Markku Komonen that designed the Rovaniemi Airport have created an impressive white arch inside the terminal. Do you think it depicts...

Free time • Terminal
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Wi-Fi, Rovaniemi

You can use our wireless network free of charge and without any login identifiers. When your computer is within the network’s range an automatic message will appear on your...

Internet and working stations • Terminal

Meeting room, Rovaniemi

This meeting room is a perfect lunch place for big group of people; for instance, before you continue your journey with bus.

Hotels & Conference Services • Terminal, 2 floor

Santa Claus Post Office, Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Post Office, if you didn`t have time to visit main post office in Santa Claus Village you can still have your letters stamped with special postmark when you...

Free time • Terminal, 2 floor

Car Rentals, Rovaniemi

Many car rental companies operate a Rovaniemi Airport.Some of them are open by appointment so you should contact them well ahead of time. Opening hours and other...

Parking and Traffic • Terminal

Restaurant, Rovaniemi

Are you leaving on a trip or meeting a loved one? Take a break and visit Rovaniemi Café in the check-in lounge.We offer a delicious lunch on weekdays between 11 am and 2...

Food & beverages • Terminal, 2 floor

Shop, Rovaniemi

Souvenirs and presents await you in our shop. How about a Santa Claus product or Marimekko bag?Our selection includes, for example, high-quality local gifts...

Shops • Terminal, gate area

Cafe, Rovaniemi

Enjoy a cup of coffee with a small bite or raise a glass of bubbly to celebrate your trip at Rovaniemi Café in the gate area. You can follow the events on the runway while...

Food & beverages • Terminal, gate area

Mailbox, Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi Airport has a mailbox for posting your letters and postcards.

Travel Services • Terminal

Gift shop, Rovaniemi

Unique souvenirs, jewelry and accessories from Lapland. If you want to buy a high quality reindeer hide, this is the place.

Shops • Terminal

Play room, Rovaniemi

Free time • Terminal, gate area

Art, Rovaniemi

The gash-like skylight at Rovaniemi Airport is at the same point as the polar circle during the year the airport was designed, 1990.The 40 meter long window is the...

Free time • Terminal

Art, Rovaniemi

At the Rovaniemi Airport, time and the movement of the earth are depicted in artist Lauri Anttila’s work. In the work, the light of the sun draws a figure-eight on the floor...

Free time • Terminal