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We are looking for volunteers to test our new flight search service! Take part – you can win a travel voucher.

Article published
24.2.2015 at 07:52
Finavia is about to add a renewed flight search service on its website. The service will be provided by Innovata, which has delivered similar flight route and timetable search tools also to other airports around the world.

Before introducing the service, we want to test that the search tool and the route map function as well as possible both on a desktop and mobile terminals.

Please, test the service, and let us know what you think. Also, we appreciate any ideas and suggestions that help us develop the service even further.

Please send your comments and feedback by email to [email protected]. All those who provide their names, email addresses, and phone numbers enter a raffle with a prize of a travel voucher worth EUR 250.

The last day to submit your comments is this Friday, 27 February.