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Finavia celebrates Finland's centenary: experience space and Finland-themed buses to Helsinki Airport

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1.2.2017 at 07:00
For many passengers, Helsinki Airport is their first contact with Finland. The way the airport looks, feels and sounds is, therefore, very important. Inspired by the idea of a Doorway to Finland and to celebrate Finland’s centenary anniversary, Finavia is creating an Arctic World of Santa Claus experience space and Finland-themed buses.

Arctic World of Santa Claus – see and experience Finland in fifteen minutes

The Finland 100 centenary began in January at Helsinki Airport with the opening of a new Arctic World of Santa Claus space, which exhibits Finland and its people. It is an experience that allows you to see and experience Finland in fifteen minutes.

Finavia has designed and built the space together with Santa Claus Licensing. Visit Finland is part of the cooperation.

Features include alternating exhibits by young Finnish photographers and upcoming Finnish design brands.

- Arctic World of Santa Claus is a unique way to learn about Finland and its people. There, passengers can get to know our country while, for example, waiting for a connection. It is fantastic to continue our long-lived cooperation with Finavia, says Petri Paarnio, CEO of Santa Claus Licensing.

Despite having Santa Claus in the name, the space is not just about reindeer and a red coat.

- The space transforms with the seasons and there is an experience for every sense – we will, for example, show what Finns do in the winter, what we eat in the summer and what autumn looks and feels like here. It will also present other Finnish themes, such as its nature, technology and art, says Paarnio.

Features will include, among others, alternating exhibits by young Finnish photographers and upcoming Finnish design brands.

- We want to provide Finnish artists and entrepreneurs a prominent spot at Finland’s most international sales and exhibit location. Photography exhibits and characteristic Finnish products will bring new and unique products to the airport, says Finavia Director Jukka Isomäki.

To begin with, the Arctic World of Santa Claus space will have products by Turku-based BEdesign and Lahti-based Muoto2 for sale and viewing.

Photo exhibition, Finnish tasty treats and Finland-themed buses to delight passengers

Finland’s centenary celebrations are prominent throughout the year at Helsinki Airport and other Finavia airports.

- For many passengers, the airport is their first contact with Finland. That is why we want to show off Finland and Finnishness at our airports. It is a joy to celebrate Finland’s hundred years of independence and invite our passengers and employees to join the celebration, says Katja Siberg, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Finavia.

During spring, Finland and Finnishness are shown in surprising ways at, for example, the Helsinki Airport apron buses and the airport’s shop selections and restaurant menus.

Oulu Airport recently opened a My Finland – Finland 100 years photo exhibit.

- Shops and restaurants will have Piece of Finland products for sale. These are traditional or otherwise typically Finnish products, such as rye bread or salted liquorice, which will let our passengers take a Piece of Finland with them when they go, says Siberg.

In addition, outgoing passengers will be able to participate in Finland-themed experiences near our Independence Day at Helsinki Airport.

Finland’s centenary celebrations are a theme at other Finavia airports as well.

- For example, Oulu Airport recently opened a My Finland – Finland 100 years photo exhibit. The exhibition was put together by Central Ostrobothnia Vocational School students and is part of the nationwide celebrations of Finland’s centenary. It was transported to Oulu from the Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport and the exhibition is intended to tour other Finnish airports over the year, says Siberg.

The centenary is also presented at network airports – in the café menus, among other things. In addition, Finavia is launching a Finland 100-themed pattern.

Smooth air traffic supports Finland’s competitiveness

Finavia is implementing an extensive development programme of nearly one billion Euros at Helsinki Airport, which serves to expand the airport. Expansion of the terminal and the resulting growth in capacity will allow Helsinki Airport to serve 20 million annual passengers in 2020.

Smooth air traffic is important to the society in Finland. It supports economic growth and provides possibilities for success in international markets.

Air traffic accounts for about 3 per cent of Finland's GDP and employs, either directly or indirectly, about 100,000 people in Finland. Finavia’s development programme is estimated to provide about 14,000 man-years of work and about 5,000 new permanent jobs.

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