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Helsinki Airport – Gateway to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics

5.2.2018 at 13:37
PyeongChang -reppu
The Winter Olympics will start on 9 February 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea. Finavia is proud to be an official partner of the Finnish Olympic Committee which will send 102 Finnish athletes to the games. We are happy to cheer the athletes on to their personal bests and to bid them a good trip to Seoul from our Helsinki Airport.

See the latest video (7 Feb 2018) >

“We are proud to be able to bring together sportsmen, sportswomen and supporters of team spirit from all over the world at Helsinki Airport. As part of a team, the good performances of individuals are turned into heroic deeds - both in sport and service,” says Katja Siberg, SVP, Marketing and Communications at Finavia.

PyeongChangin urheilijoita

Olympic passengers take to the airport with Northern Europe’s best network of connections

Olympic athletes and tourists on their way to the PyeongChang games come together at Helsinki Airport’s departure gate 33. Helsinki Airport has the best network of connections in Northern Europe with departures to 140 destinations all over the world as well as 20 Finnish locations. Hence, there will be many international passengers heading to the Olympic games at the Helsinki Airport.

PyeongChangin urheilijoita

“During the past few days, Helsinki Airport has been busy with passengers going to Seoul, thanks to Finnair’s daily direct connection. In addition to Team Finland, Olympic athletes from Sweden, Estonia and Central Europe have been spotted at the airport. We wish all the athletes and other passengers on their way to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics an amazing experience at the games!"

PyeongChangin urheilijan selkä

Helsinki Airport will also receive Olympic Team Finland athletes when they return home from PyeongChang at the end of February. The Olympic Games will end on 25 February 2018.

Team Finland at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics > (in Finnish)

Long Olympic traditions that will continue into the future

Helsinki Airport has a long history in connection to the Olympic games. In fact, the airport was first opened to serve the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. Almost 2,000 flights arrived and departed from the then brand-new airport during the games. More information >

In 2017, Finavia introduced a passenger bus for use at Helsinki Airport featuring Finnish Olympic champions. We have also seen Olympic champion Sami Jauhojärvi skiing on the runway and teaching the basics of cross-country skiing to the Chinese man who lived at the airport terminal for 30 days. Watch a video clip >_

Olympiateemabussi Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalla

The partnership of Finavia and the Finnish Olympic Committee is secured for years to come. Finavia will remain the Olympic Committee’s partner for at least the three coming Olympic Games that will take place in Asia: After PyeongChang, in Tokyo (Japan) in 2020 and Beijing (China) in 2022.

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