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LOEWE lands at Helsinki Airport

Article published
13.12.2014 kl 07:00
Loewe bags.
The boutique at Gate 34 has now added LOEWE luxury bags to its selection.

You can find an impressive collection of the most sought-after brands at Helsinki Airport's Fashion Boutique shop; among them the Spanish label LOEWE.

Spain's most famous fashion house, LOEWE specialises in exclusive leather products and is best known for leather bags, but its other accessories, interior-decoration items, and top-quality clothes are also popular.

Helsinki Airport's Fashion Boutique carries many of LOEWE's amazing bags. They all emphasise clean lines, practicality, character, and high quality.

'The quality is ensured by strict production processes and the fresh, modern vision of Jonathan Anderson, LOEWE's creative director,' explains a representative of World Duty Free Group, which runs the shop.

It's all about luxury items

LOEWE was established in Madrid in 1846 by a group of craftsmen with unique expertise. Ever since, each generation has passed that expertise on to the next.

Handicrafts, innovation, and dedication are core principles for the label.

The first products were made to order for the Spanish royal house, high society, and the wealthy – items such as document cases, exclusive suitcases, and cigar cases.

Today, women's luxury bags are the company's main focus.

Some of the bags have become fashion icons in their own right. Examples are the Amazona bag, from 1975, created as a symbol of women's liberation, and an '80s child, the Flamenco Bag. These classics are still sold today.

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