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Shopping Tips at Helsinki Airport

Article published
04.12.2013 kl 06:47
Two Iittala coffee cups and saucers with Taika design.


Gucci Made to Measure, EdT (55.10 EUR, 50 ml), is a fresh new scent with soft patchouli undertones, engineered for the courageous man.

Helsinki Airport Duty Free
GATES 13, 14–22, AND 32–40 (LONG HAUL)


A powdery flower fragrance for the woman who is able to say 'yes': Si Giorgio Armani, EdP (70.90 EUR, 50 ml; 102.90 EUR, 100 ml).

Helsinki Airport Duty Free
GATES 13, 14–22, AND 32–40 (LONG HAUL)


Hugo Boss Jour, EdP (58.40 EUR, 50 ml; 75.40 EUR, 100 ml), is a fresh and dazzling scent for women, suffused with warm honey tones.

Helsinki Airport Duty Free
GATES 13, 14–22, AND 32–40 (LONG HAUL)


A cup of refreshing espresso is particularly welcome when served in beautiful cups. The Taika series,by Finnish designer Heikki Orvola, creates a fairytale feel. The espresso set (41.00 EUR) includes cups and saucers for two.

Stockmann Shop


Keep your valuable equipment and irreplaceable shots safe by choosing the quietly stylish Golla camera bag (34.90 EUR). The range also includes a smartphone case (17.90 EUR) and iPad case (49.90 EUR).

Stockmann Shop


The Moomin memory stick (22.00 EUR) is design at its best: a practical item that is also a thing of beauty. With its wooden housing, the memory stick features 2 GB of memory and a magnet for attachment to another memory stick or any metal surface, even a fridge door.

Moomin Shop
GATES 26–27


Dare to be different and dress your mobile device in Marimekko! Cases are available in many delightful patterns and three sizes: for iPhone 4 and 5 (39.50 EUR / each) and iPad (59.00 EUR).

GATES 26–27


The Philips SensoTouch 3D Limited Edition Shaver (149.00 EUR) makes shaving gentle and smooth, thanks to shaver heads that are flexible in three directions, thus preventing skin irritation. This special model is available only in Capi shops.

Capi Electronics
GATES 12, 27–28, AND 32–40 (LONG HAUL)


Known for its luxurious leather goods, MCM brings you a leather wallet (159.90 EUR) whose timeless stylishness and practicality are sure to delight you for many years to come.

ARG Airport Fashion

Text: Terhi Kivikoski-Hannula
Photos: Jari Härkönen