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Finavia is an attractive workplace

Article published
11.05.2015 kl 09:37
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More than 12,000 Finnish university students shared their opinions on employers and their expectations on working life in Universum's annual student survey. The results are positive for Finavia.

Finavia's appeal and attractiveness as an employer have risen among Finnish university students.

Students of technology and natural sciences put Finavia in the 53rd position, five places up from the previous year.

Finavia has taken gigantic leaps by moving up 24 places in the past five years.   

“We believe that Finavia is an attractive employer, not only because of its interesting business field, but also because it offers various tasks. Our employees work with passengers in customer service, in planning and project tasks, in airport and property maintenance, and in air traffic control and aviation services. We want to hold on to our experts by developing career paths,” says Sami Laine, Finavia's HR Partner.

The airport offers work in the future

Launched more than a year ago, the Finavia development programme has offered jobs to professionals of different fields. In 2014, the calculated employment effect of all investments was 1,200 person-years.

“During financially challenging times, we strongly believe in Helsinki Airport's success as a hub for transit traffic. Higher capacity allows us to offer jobs and build success for the whole of Finland from the increasing flow of passengers. The development programme of Helsinki Airport is estimated to bring approximately 14,000 person-years of employment. In addition, regional airport investments produce jobs in different regions,” Laine says.

The increase in the number of passengers is also expected to create 5,000 new permanent jobs in the Helsinki Airport area by 2020.

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