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Ray-Ban – the legend

Article published
02.07.2015 kl 06:00
Different modelst of Rayban sunglasses.
Who hasn’t heard of Ray-Bans, the legendary aviation-inspired sunglasses brand? Now you can find new Ray-Ban products at Helsinki Airport!

Ray-Ban's story originates in the 1930s, when US pilots needed sunglasses suitable for the most extreme conditions. Aviator glasses and their green-tinted lenses were designed for pilots and launched on the market in 1938. The rest is history.

The Aviators and their modifications soon became very popular, with the final push to fame coming from Hollywood in the 1950s: after James Dean and Audrey Hepburn were seen wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarers, everybody wanted a pair.

In the '80s and '90s, Ray-Bans were seen in many cult movies of the time (Blues Brothers, Top Gun, etc.), and, of course, worn by Michael Jackson during his mega tours at the end of the '80s. The competition was still scarce, and everybody wore Ray-Bans.

Ray-Ban of the 2000s is known for global marketing campaigns. Their Never Hide campaign features Ray-Bans with plenty of street cred, able to both hide you from others and make sure you are noticed.

Familiar models in this season's colours

Recent years have seen classic Ray-Ban models updated to today's trends, with colours and even prints added on lenses and frames. 

The brand is still renowned for trendy design and connections to the icons of the day, at times somewhat rough or even alternative in character.

Behind its image, Ray-Ban has a strong basis in advanced technology. Durability and suitability to changing conditions have always been distinctive characteristics of Ray-Ban lenses.

The same top quality is offered to both pilots and those who just want a good pair of glasses on their nose for the summer.

Ray-Bans are the highest-sold sunglasses at Helsinki Airport too. You can find them at the Collection shop (Gate 27) and Helsinki Duty Free (Gate 32).

The most popular classic models through the years – Aviator, Wayfarer, Justin, and Erica – are also available in striking summer colours. The prices range from 109 to 269 euros. 

Sunglasses can top off any summer outfit – come and find your own pair!

Photos: Ray-Ban