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Summer tastes like strawberries

Article published
16.07.2015 kl 06:00
Fresh strawberries.
Helsinki Airport cafés and restaurants offer strawberry delicacies in the summertime.

Strawberries are a long-anticipated seasonal delicacy, and no wonder: fresh strawberries taste excellent as they are. Goblets filled with summer-fresh strawberries are available at

  • Café Tori (gates 26–27)
  • Café Alvar A (gate 24)
  • Seasons Café (gate 14)
  • Bar Delight (gates 14–15)
  • Starbucks cafés (terminal 2, gate 32).

The goblets will be available at three euros each throughout the fresh strawberry season.

The cafés and restaurants listed above also offer irresistible homemade strawberry danishes at 4.50 euros:

  • Coffee Spoon (terminal 2)
  • Fly Inn Deli (gate 27)
  • Go Café (gate 20, terminal 1)
  • My City Café (terminal 2)

The same cafés also sell the Summer Milkshake, with strawberry and raspberry for 3.90 euros. The milkshake and the danish are available until the end of August.

At Wine & View (gate 26) you can enjoy strawberries as a dessert to a tapas plate or accompanied with sparkling summer beverages.

Taste some fresh strawberry-orange juice

Strawberry-orange juice, squeezed on site and made from fresh strawberries in the summertime, is available at the following locations:

  • Freshly Made (gate 27)
  • Urban Food Market (terminal 1)
  • Nordic Kitchen (gate 36)

The juice comes in two sizes, priced at 4.50–5.90 euros. The plastic mug with a lid can be easily taken on the plane.

We welcome you to indulge in fresh summer strawberries!

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