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Best take away snacks for your flight from Helsinki Airport

05.10.2016 kl 06:00
Why settle for airline catering, when you can grab delicious snacks from the airport?

While many airlines have cut down on free food during flights, airport restaurants have started to stack up on take away options with good value for money. At Helsinki Airport, most restaurants before and after security check offer great grab-and-go items on their menu.

If you buy your flight snacks before security check, remember that they should not be liquid. A good rule of thumb is that if the product is something you spread with a knife, it’s best to pack that into your checked baggage.

Here are few great take away options from the airport:

Kale, banana and pineapple smoothie (4,90e, Helsinki Market, Gate 14)

This nutrient-heavy fruit drink will give a fresh start to your trip, whether you’re heading for a yoga retreat or a beach holiday with the family.

Smoked salmon on rye (10,50e, Nordic Kitchen, Gate 35)

A mix of pure Nordic tastes: fresh smoked salmon, hand-pickled cucumber and cream cheese on rye bread.

Nut mix (3,90e) and fruit salad (small 4,50e / large 5,40e, Café Tori, Gates 26–27)

Keep your hunger at bay with a healthy snack: a fruit salad freshly packed at Café Tori with a nut mix for extra energy.

California sushi set (22,90e, Two Tigers, Gate 34)

Begin your journey in style with a fresh sushi meal. Two Tigers is a favorite among Asian passengers in Helsinki Airport, and the restaurant’s sushi chefs make all the meals on the spot, and only from the best ingredients.

Country ham baguette (8,40e, Café Tori, Gates 26–27)

Café Tori also serves a variety of different sandwiches to keep you full during your flight. You can choose from a range of rolls, bagels and baguettes, such as this scrumptious country ham baguette. All the products are packed to be consumed on-the-go, and you can get them heated if you wish.

Check out this list to find out where you can find vegan food and drinks from the airport.