Responsible procurement

Finavia is a significant purchaser of goods and services. We have over 3,000 suppliers and we spend about 500 million euros annually on procurement. We purchase most of the goods, services and capital goods from Finland.

Finavia plays a significant role in the Finnish economy as an employer and promoter of the Finnish country brand. We also play a major role on goods and services being developed sustainably and responsibly.

It is important to us that our procurement does not incur a risk of corruption, poor working conditions or environmental negligence. That is why we have published new ethical principles, which will be included in all of our new contracts. This communicates that we take responsibility seriously in all our operations.

Our long-term aim is that all the goods we acquire are sustainably produced in transparent supply chains. These aims are part of our action plan, which extends to 2020. We are taking our first steps on this path, but we are proceeding methodically.

We are constantly broadening the scale of responsible procurement and adjusting the responsibility criteria. We will survey our key suppliers. In the long run, we will also start running audits to reduce high-risk suppliers.

What is the practical impact of responsible procurement?

Tangible examples of procurement in accordance with principles of sustainable development are the new uniforms of our customer service staff. Our working garment supplier Touchpoint produces clothing from recycled plastic bottles and old textiles. Even the name badge is made of wood, a renewable material.

We purchased the furniture for the smoking areas of the extension of Helsinki Airport from the same supplier. The tables and chairs were previously used as working garments.

Use the link below to download our Code of Conduct for suppliers of goods and services.