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The runway at Jyväskylä Airport to be closed for renovation in July–August 2020

Article published
14.01.2020 kl 09:09
Jyväskylän lentoasema ulkoa
Finavia is investing EUR 11 million to renovate the runway of Jyväskylä Airport. The works, estimated to last 3–4 months, will begin in May 2020 and will be completed in September. According to preliminary plans, air traffic will be affected from 3 July to 16 August 2020 when the runway will remain closed for approximately six weeks.

The renovation will begin in stages in May when a shorter runway will be taken into use. The most intensive work stages will be scheduled for July–August when the airport has less traffic. It is hoped the repairs will cause as little inconvenience as possible to passengers and operators during this less busy period. The shorter runway will be in use again during the final stages of work.

The project includes repaving the runway and apron level as well as renewing the electricity network. The instrument landing system (ILS) will also be renewed and, as part of Finavia’s climate programme, the energy efficiency of the lighting system will be improved by replacing old lights with LED lights.

“The runway renovation will help ensure fluent airport operations in the future. In addition to commercial air traffic, military aviation brings a considerable amount of traffic to Jyväskylä Airport,” explains Mari Nurminen, Vice President, Central and Eastern Finland Airports at Finavia.

In the past five years, Finavia has invested several million euros in the buildings and maintenance and rescue equipment of Jyväskylä Airport. The investment in this year’s renovation will total some EUR 11 million.

Jyväskylä Airport is used by over 70,000 passengers annually. From Jyväskylä, passengers travel to Helsinki Airport as well as to southern tourist destinations. Jyväskylä Airport is also home to the Air Force Academy.