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Paving of the runway at Joensuu Airport has been postponed

Article published
24.03.2020 kl 12:24
An airport at Joensuu.
Finavia has decided to postpone the paving of the runway at Joensuu Airport, which was originally scheduled to be done in the summer 2020. The new schedule has not been decided on yet.

The coronavirus epidemic has had a negative effect on Finavia’s financial capacity to carry out the paving project.

“Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the resulting tighter financial situation, we need to postpone the paving of the runway at Joensuu Airport,” says Mari Nurminen, Vice President, Central and Eastern Finland Airports.

The runway is not yet at the end of its life cycle, so postponing the start of the project is still possible. The plan for the renovation was to pave the runway and one of the two taxiways with new asphalt.

There is currently no air traffic at Joensuu Airport due to the flight cancellations caused by the coronavirus epidemic.