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People of Finavia: Work competence from hobbyism

Article published
17.06.2022 kl 09:00
Elina Suominen potretti
Communications specialist Elina Suominen has been actively developing her job description at Finavia. Elina, whose hobbies include photography and videography, has combined her visual communication skills with her work.

“When I started at Finavia in 2019, I had no experience of aviation. I deliberately wanted to enter a field that is foreign to me because it makes the work interesting. It's also an advantage. I am a support person for Finavia's experts and representatives of the media. People are very interested in aviation. As a communicator, it is important for me to be able to ask our experts basic questions about their field. This will ensure clear communications.

Air traffic has a direct impact on how one is able to get out into the world from Finland. At Finavia, we are working to ensure that Finns have smooth flight connections at their disposal. This brings meaning to my work and is something I can always come back to. In my own work, this can be seen in concrete terms, for example in the communications of the Helsinki Airport development programme. The more significant a hub Helsinki Airport becomes for changing planes, the more aircraft pass through it and the better the connections between Finland and other parts of the world.

My days at work are varied. I run our media desk, which includes being in contact with the media, arranging for Finavia's experts to be interviewed by journalists, and having discussions with journalists. In addition, I produce content for different communication channels and participate in our visual communication by designing and organising photo and video shoots.

Together with the rest of the communications team, we are also responsible for communications in possible crisis and emergency situations. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on my work and communications. For example, we have had to think about how we can communicate clearly and in a timely manner in a situation where travel restrictions come into force.

Finavia is a progressive workplace, which can be seen, among other things, in the positive attitude towards improvements suggested by employees and in how the needs of employees with families are taken into account.

I have been able to develop my job description actively since the beginning. For example, visual communication has become part of my work on my own initiative. I dabble with photography and videography in my spare time, and it is great that the employer recognises my skills. As a result of the new responsibilities, my title has changed from communications coordinator to communications specialist.

I do hybrid work, which I consider a great advantage. The fact that I can work both remotely and at the office, combined with flexitime, makes life easier for someone who has a family. The understanding and flexibility go both ways: when the employer is flexible, I am also willing to do a little bit extra in my work if necessary.”

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