Our aim is to secure Finavia’s future as a major European air traffic operator in this century and the next.

Our corporate responsibility work is guided by Finavia's safety culture and values, the customer promise on a smooth and straightforward airport experience, environmental policy, operating instructions, ethical principles and good management practices.

We take corporate responsibility issues into account both in our everyday work and in all decision-making related to the development of our business.

The CEO, supported by the management team, is responsible for corporate responsibility at Finavia. The Board of Directors at Finavia actively monitors the management of corporate responsibility and regularly processes matters related to the company's financial status, efficiency, safety, environmental issues and social responsibility. These are also indicators of the Group's scorecard.

We are engaged in active dialogue with all of our stakeholders. We actively collect feedback in order to better understand the needs and expectations of consumers, customers, our employees and the neighbourhood of our airports, among other things.

For more information on our responsibility work, please see the responsibility reports. They have been published as part of the Annual Report.