Health security is part of Finavia’s responsibility

The health and well-being of passengers and personnel are of the utmost importance to us. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have developed the operations of our airports and invested in new actions and services to make working and travelling at our airports safe also during COVID-19. Finavia’s hygiene and safe distance plan for pandemics is available on this page.

Finavia's measures and arrangements during COVID-19

Finavia operates in an international environment, and we have monitored the COVID-19 situation closely since the beginning of the pandemic in January 2020.

We were among the first Finnish companies to start preparing for the epidemic in January and implemented emergency management procedures. We intensified cleaning and began distributing hand sanitiser. At the same time, we launched passenger information on COVID-19.

We comply with the instructions of the Finnish health authorities and take international recommendations into account, but we are also continuously and proactively engaged in several of our own procedures and develop our services. We are also committed to following the EASA Covid-19 recommendations.

Ensuring hygiene

  • intensified cleaning in the terminal
  • surface disinfection with coating that kills bacteria and viruses
  • distribution of hand sanitiser
  • physical barriers (sneeze guards) at customer service points
  • cleaning security control trays and escalator hand rails with UVC technology
  • air purifiers in elevators

Avoiding contacts and ensuring safe distances

  • passenger routes have been reorganisation according to the current entry and health requirements.
  • there are special arrangements related to queueing and waiting areas and capacity restrictions.
  • stickers reminding of safe distances taped to the terminal floor.

Health services at Helsinki Airport

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FAQ: Air travel during COVID-19

Finavia’s hygiene and safe distance plan for pandemics

In case of a pandemic, airport operator Finavia uses its hygiene and safe distance plan which includes the pandemic arrangements agreed jointly by Finavia and airlines.

The plan includes measures to ensure hygiene and safe distances in the terminal and when people board and disembark aircraft.

The plan applies to all of Finavia’s airports but health security measures can be adjusted according to the scope of the airport’s operations. In addition, targeted measures may be taken at airports according to the wishes of regional health authorities.

Finavia complies with international aviation recommendations, national and EU legislation and the authorities’ instructions in all of its operations, also in the event of a pandemic. Furthermore, Finavia is committed to the recommendations issued by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency EASA. Finavia is a limited liability company that does not have the same authorisations as authorities.

Finavia’s hygiene and safe distance plan for pandemics (PDF)